Air Tivi+

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With this Air TiVi+ App. you can remotely control the Set-top-box(STB)
which are equipped with FRior feature.
Enjoy the Live Streaming feature by controlling the HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) service of your STB.
Also you can control to stream to other device through RTP / UDP / HLS with this app.
You can view the each EPG events here, then you are also able to add, delete or change your schedules.
If your STB is capable of decoding the 2 different channels simultaneously,
then you can watch 1 channel on your TV screen,
and also stream the other channel to view on your iPhone or iPad, at the same time.


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You can enjoy Air Tivi+ at your PC as well now !
(Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8)

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6 air_image5_new7 air_image6_newYou can share live channels with PC, iPhone or iPad within home network.

So, this function can be considered as a separated PIP
(One chnnel for Receiver and Another channel for PC, IiPhone or iPad)

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